Our Customers

We Partner, We Serve, We Grow together..

Over the years, in the past more than 65 years of our existence, customers have always been an integral part of our business. We deliver innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions through our products and services. We are a trusted partner to customers across diverse industries ranging from agriculture, food, water, electronics, construction, fashion, etc. We strongly believe in serving our customers with an intent to strengthen their capabilities and help them grow.

Key Initiatives

Our customers are our partners in growth. We go beyond our customers, to their customers and provide service across the value chain. We go beyond just selling products or providing services after sales. At Aditya Birla Chemicals, we have a very robust system of Customer Journey Mapping where we listen to our customers and understand their needs during their entire journey with us; Key Accounts Management by which we connect with each of our customer to address their specific requirements; Customer Value Proposition that allows us to satisfy our customers based on their desirability. Our Mission Happiness program allows us to stay connected with our customers through our call centers and one on one discussions and hear their voices.

Services we offer

Across all sectors, we offer marketing support, technical expertise, commercial option, R&D and testing coupled with many other services specific to the industries that we serve. Beyond offering products, our aim is sustainable growth of our customers.

Please contact us for anything that comes to your mind. We will be there!


"We provide total Agri solutions to the farmer community by offering our range of products which include Fertilisers, Seed and Crop Protection products, etc. We also impart technical knowhow to farmers for efficient crop production. We connect with farmers through several outreach activities including soil testing, farmers training, crop demonstrations, field days, choupals, intensive farmer contact programs and local farmer fairs. This helps in building trust among farmers and a robust demand generation model for our products and services. We also have a call centre for responding to any customer queries.

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To connect our farmers directly to industry experts, we have a mobile application “Ask Aqua Armor”, which is available on Google Play store. This app keep farmers updated with latest trends and news on Aquaculture along with Shrimp Price Indicator, Product Usage Calculator, Tidal Information, Access to Industry experts for queries & News Feed. Our customers are supported through a technical services team of experts in Total Water Quality Management.

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Coating, Constructions and Composites

Our advanced materials business works with customers for providing customised solutions for structural projects. We have an extensive R&D facility for new epoxy resin developments and is in constant search of new products for solving our customers’ advanced materials’ needs.

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Power & Transmission

IOTA or Insulators Operations and Technical Academy is a residential training program for the customers of our insulators business, entitled Building a Brighter India and aims to upgrade the skills of engineers, supervisors and workmen in the field of transmission line construction and operations, with a focus on testing, handling, stringing and performance & maintenance of porcelain disc insulators.

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Our viscose filament yarn business focus connecting weavers and fabric sellers to brands and retail for supplies. Inputs to new fabric development is a regular practice. We also arrange for channel financing for our textile value chain partners in collaboration with our Aditya Birla Capital.

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Our phosphates business has extensive application development center across seafood,meat processing, bakery and cheese preparation to develop customised functional ingredients for the above mentioned industries. We also have a state of the art blending unit and a dedicated team to develop products as per latest industry trends & regulatory requirements.

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We believe providing clean and potable water is our responsibilities. Our DSIR recognized R&D facilities and state of art water application centers in India is focused on providing customised solutions for coagulation, clarification and disinfection of water. When there are floods, we support the State Governments to restore normalcy in drinking water on a war footing basis. We extend our service to all municipalities to enable.

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Our businesses offer products and services across pharmaceuticals, home and healthcare products, packaging, textiles, pulp and paper, oil, plastics, pipes and cables and many more. Across all customers, we provide marketing connects for our customers, commercial support, technical know-how, partner with them on R&D and innovation, raw material and finished product testing, compliance to legal and product certifications and most importantly inputs on safety and sustainability at our customer’s premises.

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