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Leading Agri Solutions provider from seed to harvest

Leading Agri Solution Providers
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No.1 Caustic Soda and Speciality Chemicals India

No. 1
Caustic Soda and Specialty Chemicals

No.1 Viscose Filament Yarn India

No. 1
Viscose Filament Yarn

Leading Player Insulators Business India

Leading Player Insulators Business

Global Leaders Sulphites Thailand

Global Leaders Sulphites

Leading Player Agribusiness India

Leading Player Agribusiness

Leading Player Speciality Food Phosphates Thailand

Leading Player Speciality Food Phosphates


Safety & Sustainability

Chemistry for a Greener World. Our Purpose.

The purpose of our business 'Chemistry for a Greener World' is premised around our firm belief that with the beauty of chemistry, innovation and R&D, manufacturing excellence, understanding and catering to consumer needs, we will be able to ensure that our products, supply chains and solutions are environmentally friendlier, safer and socially responsible." To achieve this, we are focusing on our commitment to EHS & Sustainability towards Goal Zero - zero harm & zero impact to environment. Our aspiration is to become water neutral/positive through water harvesting methods, zero liquid discharge technologies, etc. and cut down carbon emissions significantly by increasing our dependence on renewable energy.

We want to ensure any Hazardous/ non-Hazardous waste created in our processes is safely and sustainably handled, without impacting anyone in the society. And finally, deploy innovation and R&D to bring newer solutions to enable greener world.

Safety & Sustainability

Ideas and Innovations

We believe, Ideas and Innovation will bring newer solutions to enable greener world and hence we invest into Technology and R&D and foster an Innovation Culture.

  • Chemicals



    With the help of innovation, advanced technology and the emphasis on quality assurance, the chemicals business is fast gaining leadership in every market and industry, globally, across chlor-alkali, specialty chlorine derivatives, advanced materials, sulphites, peroxides, phosphates and fluorides.

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  • Agribusiness



    Our agribusiness takes pride in the transition from a single product company to 'Total Agri Solutions Provider' providing complete range of Fertilizers, Seeds, Plant Crop protection & other value added products through continuous innovation and identification of new molecules to address all needs of an Indian farmer.

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  • Insulators



    Ranked amongst the top 4 manufacturers of insulators across the globe and delivering world-class insulation solutions, search for excellence through innovation enabled advancing in the power industry for over 50 years.

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  • Fashion Yarns

    Fashion Yarns

    Fashion Yarns

    Amongst the leaders in viscose filament yarns, innovating products and technologies have been unique to this business that translates into having a diversity of 100% natural sustainable yarns for ever-changing fashion needs.

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Our Brands

Our brands are trusted and renowned in the industries they serve and within the business realms they belong to. Our brands look to touching and enhancing lives every day in every way possible.

Aditya Birla Insulators

Aditya Birla Insulators

Delivering world-class insulating solutions every day
Aditya Birla Agri Solutions


For empowering the lives of farmers every day
Aditya Birla Aqua Culture

Aqua Culture

For providing a complete solution and shield to aqua culture needs every day
Aditya Birla Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning and Sanitizing

For ensuring safe, clean and usable water every day purposes
Aditya Birla Coatings and Construction

Coatings and Construction

For providing sustainable and effective solutions with compounds and advanced material every day
Aditya Birla Fashion


For luxurious fashion at your fingertips every day.
Aditya Birla Food


For a healthy lifestyle and every day nourishment
Aditya Birla Water


For ensuring safe, clean and usable water every day purposes

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Dr. Santrupt Misra

CEO, Birla Carbon Business; Director, Chemicals & Director, Group H.R.

Aditya Birla Management Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

The CFI sector in many ways touches lives of millions of people directly or indirectly and
it does that with a great sense of purpose and continuous innovation
to provide meaningful outcome for everyone.


The people who believe in us, our purpose, our values and what we aspire for contribute to our journey of being one of the most admired business globally. Their faith inspires us to succeed in business.

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We have been focussed for decades on values, where profits were always complimented with social contribution, reaching out to millions of people and making a difference.

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A World of Opportunity awaits all here. If you are passionate to make a difference with a zeal to contribute to a greener world and aspire to build one of the most admired businesses, look no further.

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Customers is why we exist. At our very core, is the desire to offer solutions and partner in growth of our customers. We are blessed with decades of long standing relationships with our customers.

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