Delice a Customized Phosphates for Bakery Processing

BAKERY products have been the ‘melting moments’ and ‘moments of delight’ across the world through all ages and occasions. No day is complete without those perfectly baked breads and doughnuts. No occasion is perfect without the curated sponge cakes. What makes these special are their perfect shapes, desirable textures and rainbow colours! We know, achieving this is no less than a feat. It is an art!

Phosphates are widely used as raising agents in the baking industry. By the use of phosphates, the rate of reaction can be regulated, giving rise to a wide range of effects in the finished baked product that give a characteristic texture and colour to the bakery product.

Leavening is an important phenomenon required to provide the characteristic texture of bakery products. Chemical leavening depends upon the reaction between an acid and an alkaline source of carbon dioxide, usually sodium bicarbonate. This gives rise to carbon dioxide evolution, and it is the rate at which this gas is produced that determines the amount of rise in the final product. A wide range of phosphate acidulants can be used with differing rates of reaction to give the desired characteristics for various product applications.

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  • Enhances Palatability
  • Controls Crumb pH
  • Controls Crumb Color
  • Increases Formulation Tolerance over Yeast Products
  • Enhances shape of the finished bakery product

Delice offers a range of customized phosphates for bakery processing requirements for various applications and have been developed for large scale as well as small scale commercial bakeries. As the use of Delice helps regulate the rate of reaction, it gives rise to a wide range of effects in the finished baked product, suitable for any and every day occasion and awe inspiring.


Delice is specially formulated for specialty breads, sponge cakes, batter mixes and doughnuts

In Sponge Cakes, the délice range as it provides good raising properties across a wide range of sponge conditions. Products have been formulated that are suitable for a wide range of bakery conditions and sizes.

Specialty Breads, can require a baking powder that reacts in two stages, to structure the dough and give an extra rise during baking. Délice21 has been formulated especially to meet these criteria.

Batter mixes are extremely variable, depending upon the size of the batch to be made up, the handling conditions and the hold time before its use. For larger batches, or more vigorous mixing conditions, a slower acting raising agent and higher strength baking powder is required. délice has been formulated to meet the specific requirements that will give the right raising properties to the batter mix.

Doughnuts require a rapid evolution of carbon dioxide as soon as they hit the hot oil. The short cooking time makes it essential that the acidulant reacts quickly with the bicarbonate. We have developed the délice range to meet the requirements of doughnut applications. If the doughnut batter is to be used over a long period of time, délice can ensure that there is still enough rise left in the mix at the end of its storage to provide correct texture to the product.