Chlorinated Paraffins for Plastics
Chlorinated Paraffins for Wires and Cables

Flame Retardant & Plasticizer

  • Our secondary plasticizer range of Chlorinated Paraffins for wires and cables is based on refined medium chain (C14-C17) Chloroalkanes. Some of these grades are specially designed for Type-A, 70° C service temperature applications. The Medium molecular weight grades have good compatibility with PVC, which helps to get desirable results like Hardness, Tensile strength, Elongation, Ageing properties and good cell resistance.
  • We also offer high molecular weight secondary plasticizers which imparts superior flame retardant properties, owing to the high chlorine content. Its increased polarity and lower viscosity, make it more compatible with PVC polymer and maintains long term mechanical properties.
Chlorinated Paraffins for Flexibility Solutions

Flexibility Solutions

  • The Chlorinated Paraffins with Medium molecular weight and low viscosity have very good plasticizing efficiency. They are recommended for various transparent and Opaque tubing like Garden hose, Suction and multi-purpose tubes.
  • They are also recommended for PVC Compound, Footwear etc. due to their excellent flexibility properties.
Extreme Pressure Additives for Lubricants

Extreme Pressure Additives

  • We offer additives for lubricants like Metal Working Fluids which are used to decrease wear of the parts of metal or alloy workpieces exposed to very high pressures, such as machining and stamping. They are also added to cutting fluids for machining of metals. Their high viscosity gives additional lubricity, body and tenacity to the lubricant.
Liquid Chlorinated Paraffins for Flexibiliser And Filler

Flexibiliser And Filler

  • Liquid Chlorinated Paraffins are recommended for various non-PVC coating applications like Paints, Varnishes and other coatings. These are also preferred in coatings for industrial floorings and swimming pools.
  • The Low viscosity product improves resistance to water and chemicals. It has good flame retardant properties and suitable for abrasion resistant paints. Due to its non-corrosive nature, these are preferred in marine paints and vessels.