Gusto Improves the Overall Quality of Meat

Fresh meat has high nutritional value. It is preferred across the world for various cuisine and culinary exotics. However, it is critical that the flavour and taste remains intact, succulent and juicy for any cooking to get to its potential.

This fresh meat with high nutritional value has a limited shelf life, which can be extended by cold storage. However, purge loss, shelf life extension and protein binding are limited with the cold storage process. The use of phosphate blends improves the overall quality of meat to the desired level.

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  • Retains moisture
  • Acts as emulsion stabilizer
  • Preserves Colour; ensures perfect appearance of meat
  • Reduces Cooking Loss and improves cooking yield
  • Reduces purge loss
  • Improves organoleptic properties - firmness, springiness, salty taste, astringency taste and acceptance

Retains Moisture After slaughter, pH value of meat products keeps decreasing due to biochemical processes resulting in mineral loss and texture deterioration. Moisture must be retained in the muscle protein to ensure its freshness and tenderness. Phosphate blends restructure the proteins (Actomyosin), thereby, improving its binding properties and water holding capacity. Hence, phosphate blends prevent the purge loss during transportation and storage.

Emulsion Stabilization Meat is susceptible to dehydration and reduction in ionic strength. Phosphate blends help in internal protein extraction to delay the denaturisation of unsaturated protein to retain the freshness, taste, appearance and nutrition values of meat and sausage products.

Preservation of Colour : Perfect Appearance of Meat Natural oil and fat available in meat is susceptible to oxidation and microbiological spoilage. Thus, delaying these oxidation reactions is necessary to ensure palatability of meat. The excellent preservation properties of phosphate blends are used to ensure longer shelf life and protecting natural taste and colour even after subsequent preparations.


Gusto is specially curated for marinated beef, pork and chicken meat, injected hams and steaks, sausage and meat balls and nuggets.

Marinated Beef, Pork and Chicken Meat

Marination with gusto before cooking ensures retention of natural ingredients and succulence of beef, pork and chicken meat. It also maintains natural juices and flavours present in the meat, thereby preserving the original taste of the meat. gusto also helps in minimising the drip and cooking losses during meat processing.

Injected Hams and Steaks

Gusto has been formulated to dissolve at low temperature of brine solution. The use of gusto in injected hams and steaks achieves an internal protein extraction to improve binding and water holding capacity. Meat retains good appearance, texture and flavour due to lesser purge.


We offer blends for minced meat for Sausage & Hotdog application. It requires high meat binding property of Phosphates. We ideally select the different types of Pyro and Tripolyphosphate to offer this Property.

Meat Balls and Nuggets

Gusto provides better binding properties to nuggets and meat balls. The customised formulations provide the perfect shape and elasticity to the nuggets and meat balls. The purge loss during storage is reduced upon use of gusto, which extends the shelf life and retains the freshness of the meat.