Calcium Chloride Manufacturer
Calcium Chloride for Drilling Mud Additive

Drilling Mud Additive

  • Calcium Chloride is extensively used in oil and gas industry as an additive for drilling mud to cool and lubricate the drilling bit. It also helps in improving density of the mud to overcome formation pressures and keep oil, gas, and water in place.
Aluminium Chloride for Freidel Craft Catalyst & Additive

Freidel Craft Catalyst & Additive

  • Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride is used as a catalyst (especially in Friedel-Crafts reaction) for the manufacture of Styrene, Anthraquinone & in other dyestuffs (Green Colour), pharmaceuticals and perfumes.
  • It also finds use in ion exchange resins, lubricants, wood preservatives, crude oil refining, as nucleating agent in the manufacture of Titanium dioxide pigments.
Poly Aluminium Chloride for Paper Solutions

Paper Solutions

  • Paper Sizing - Cellulosic fibers are anionic & hydrophilic in nature. Poly Aluminium Chloride based Cationic coagulants are used for neutralization of anionic trash of fiber and as sizing aid for neutral and acidic sizing. Sizing makes the paper suitable for writing and printing by avoiding penetration of water. 
  • Bleaching - To produce high quality paper a pulp is required which does not discolour during storage or go yellow when exposed to sunlight, and which retains its strength. Bleaching with Stable Bleaching powder achieves all three requirements and has the additional advantage of improving absorption capacity.
  • Calcium Chloride is behind the Color Lock Technology which is the mark for Brighter Colors, Bolder Blacks and quicker drying for faster handling time and smudge-free, high-quality prints.
Phosphoric Acid for Water Softening

Water Softening

  • Phosphoric acid is used to produce water softeners. Water softeners remove Calcium and Magnesium ions from "hard" water. If not removed, these ions react with soap and form insoluble deposits that cling to laundry and the washing machine.