Creating Magic
Through Innovation!

There is a consistently growing need to develop products, services and solutions that are sustainable and innovative. This need has created enormous opportunities as the industries strive to develop solutions for problems like, access to clean water, availability of good sources of nutrition, developing safe materials for the future, among other things.

At Aditya Birla Chemicals, we have identified Innovation as one of our key enablers. The three-pronged drivers for our strategy that guide our innovation journey are:

  • 01 Strengthening the Present
  • 02 Growing the Future
  • 03 Leaving a Strong Legacy

Our intent is to embed the culture of innovative thinking across businesses and to establish new value chains that account for 20% of our business in the next 10 years. Looking at our strategy, synergies with our current value-chains, market insights and global megatrends, our focus areas for Innovation are:

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Water
  • Advanced Material
  • Sustainability & Environment
  • Business models
  • Digitization / IoT

Our Labs and Innovation Centres

We undertake our R&D activities at various locations. Aditya Birla Science and Technology Centre (ABSTC) is a key place for innovation at Aditya Birla Group as well as Aditya Birla Chemicals. ABSTC is powered by a team of scientists and engineers, with strong linkages with premier academic institutions and research laboratories (both in India and overseas). Our state-of-the-art equipment set in a one-of-its-kind technology-led environment facilitates the development of innovative products, processes and applications.

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We keep a constant focus on Research and Development, to ensure consistent high-quality and develop offerings in line with customer requirements. Some of our other labs for innovation are

Advanced Material Lab

PMRC, Taloja, Mumbai

Food Lab

Samutprakarn, Thailand

Application Development

centres at various places

TPL Peroxides Lab

Saraburi, Thailand

Water Lab

Vilayat, Gujarat


Our Innovation in Chemicals focuses on developing new age chemicals for food and nutrition, water chemistry, advanced materials and energy. Our portfolio of products finds applications in a wide variety of segments, and we are expanding into newer segments every year. With dedicated teams of scientists across locations, we have a strong focus on innovating new products on a consistent basis. The aim of the Research and Development (R&D) team is to ensure that our customers get top-quality products, from each of our businesses.

We are the pioneer in developing products, offerings and solutions specific to food, large-scale water treatment and industrial segments. Our innovation in Chemicals also focuses on improving the safety and performance of our operations, implementing new business models, adopting new-age solutions like IoT and process improvements.

Some of our latest innovations in Chemicals sector include:
  • BPA-free epoxies for can-coating and other applications.
  • Recyclable epoxy-based composite systems.
  • Tracking and tracing of Chlorine tonners for safety and better utilizations.
  • Grasim Connect - App-based selling of chemicals in India.
  • Energy management systems for Chlor-alkali plants.
  • New products developed for various food segments like shrimps, seafood, cheese, dairy, among others.
  • New technologies for water recycling,reuse and improving our environmental footprint


We are an end-to-end agri-input supplier to the farmer. We have developed various solutions for the Indian farmers. While we began as a Urea manufacturer, we have innovated throughout the life of IGF. Our innovation in neem-coated urea is considered groundbreaking, and has now become a mandatory norm in the industry. We have also developed various other products that include new soil health products, customized fertilizers and water soluble fertilizers.

Here are the main objectives of the R&D program for Agribusiness:
  • To develop new products, processes and technology listed under FCO.
  • To develop products, processes and technology for customized fertilizer.
  • To scale up developed technology from laboratory, to validate through pilot plant studies and to carry out product and process scale-up feasibility and its validation, seeding of market, evaluation, etc.
  • To improve existing manufacturing process of ammonia and urea through engineering initiatives developed through in-house initiatives, and to engage with specialists and external technology providers.
  • To build infrastructure and establish competency for analytical evaluation of fertilizer, soil, plant and environmental monitoring and improvement.
  • Develop technology for increasing effectiveness of fertilizer & prevent loses.


At our Insulators business, we aim to deliver high-quality, reliable and innovative products to our customers, from world-class manufacturing facilities. Our consistent focus on R&D and innovation is the key to delivering such offerings.

Through Innovation, our business has successfully introduced new offerings to the electrical industry. These include pollution resistant insulators, polymer insulators, among others.

Some of our latest innovations in the Insulators industry include:
  • Development of high pollution performance disc insulators.
  • Development of hydrophobic glaze for better performance in pollution.
  • Dramatic improvement in water efficiencies at our Rishra plant.
  • Elimination of dry finishing step in our manufacturing process, thereby making it healthier and safer for the workers.

Fashion Yarns

We are the largest producer of Viscose Filament Yarn in India. Raysil, our viscose filament yarn, is a versatile fashion yarn manufactured from premium and imported wood pulp. It is 100% biodegradable& eco-friendly, giving a feather-light feel, vivid colours and a natural lustre.

We are a recipient of People Matters League Awards, and "Total Rewards 2018 Best In Culture Architecture" Not only that, we have been consistently awarded "THE GOLD TROPHY" for the best export performance (FY 16-17) in the continuous viscose yarn category.