Water Management in Aquaculture

Aquaculture is one of the key industries across the globe that is breeding, raising, and harvesting fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants. Since these are aquatic species, water becomes a critical aspect of this farming. More so, clean and clear water just perfect for the survival and growth of produce.

Water quality management is essential to reduce toxicity, unwanted organic matter and microbial mass of incoming raw water, thus reducing the mortality rate of shrimps & water born diseases. Clear water provides good plankton bloom and helps in better penetration of light which improves the photosynthesis and thus the DO level.

Introducing  Aqua Armor a revolutionary, one stop solution for water management in Aquaculture! Aqua Armor range of products & services focus on enhancing the biosecurtiy of shrimp and fish, thus enhancing the bio security of shrimp and fish, thus ensuring sustainable growth for the aquaculture farmer farmer community and local business.

Aqua Armor is the solution to Disinfection and Clarification

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 AQUA ARMOR D  is an effective disinfecting agent that can destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi which contaminate the raw water. It prevents the pathogens, viruses and bacteria from entering the culture facility, which further help indirectly to improve the survival, growth and body weight gain of aquaculture species. 

 Available in 25KGS packs 

 Features and Benefits 
  • Strong oxidizing agent which kills the pathogens and viruses 
  •  Stable for longer period when properly stored 
  •  Free flowing powder and high degree of solubility 
  •  Ensures bio security

AQUA ARMOR D+ is a disinfection agent available in the form of free flowing powder. It destroys the bacteria, viruses and fungi in contaminated water, thereby improving survival and growth of aquaculture species. It is a specially formulated superfine grade, which leaves less sludge residue and has better solubility for faster and lasting disinfection and ease of use.

Available in 25 KGS packs.

Features and Benefits
  • Strong oxidising agent which kills the pathogens and viruses
  • Stable for a longer period when properly stored
  • Free flowing powder & high degree of solubility
  • Ensures bio security
  • Leaves less residue due to extra fineness of material

AQUA ARMOR C is a strong clarifying agent designed for effectove treatment of water in the reservoir, before the water is transferred to the pond. It helps in faster removal of suspended solids, organic matter and turbidity in brackish water, thereby significantly reducing toxicity and improving the water quality. This ulimately leads to better ecosystem in the pond. This is first of its kind in the industry anf is available in liquid form for ease of use.

Available in 30KGS drums.

Features and Benefits
  • Faster setting of suspended solids and better removal of turbidity
  • Improves water quality and ensures better dissolved oxygen in water
  • Reduces the mortality rate of shrimps due to improvement in water quality
  • Builds up healthy pond environment for shrimp growth and enhances bio-security
  • Reduces clarification time which significnatly improves overall yield

AQUA ARMOR CAL+ is a premium calcium mineral supplement, which is useful in increasing and maintaining the calcium content. It aids in maintaining salinity and mineral balance.  It also helps in preventing white muscle problem in Shrimps, reducing the mortality rate and thus enhancing the overall yield. The product has better solubility and leaves no residue in the pond.

Available in 25KGS packs.

Aqua Armor HSD Prime is a powerful disinfectant used in hatcheries and shrimp farming for removal of microorganisms in water & wastewater. It is a strong oxidizing agent, has high degree of solubility in water and leaves no residual sludge. Due to its high Chlorine content of min. 65%, relatively small amount of the product can effectively disinfect the water.

Available in 45KGS packs

AQUA ARMOR HBC Supra is a high performance liquid clarifying agent designed for effective treatment of water in Aquaculture. It helps in faster settling of Suspended solids and turbidity in creek water. It improves reservoir water quality which ultimately helps to maintain the DO of water. It significantly decreases the toxicity by reducing unwanted organic matter and microbial mass.

Available in 30KGS drums.

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Aqua Armor D+ Disinfection Agent
Aqua Armor Cal+ Premium Calcium Mineral Supplement
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Aqua Armo HSD Prime Disinfectant used in Hatcheries and Shrimp Farming