The history and progress of humankind has always been bolstered by material science, a lynchpin of human civilization. Today, the position of pride as the leading engineering material is occupied by Composites.

However, in present times, it is important that we make these materials more ecological. Concerns on end of life waste management and process sustainability have been long standing. To truly make composites the material of choice and to enable their widespread adoption, we need to make them more sustainable and recyclable. Enter Recyclamine.  

'Aditya Birla Chemicals' Recyclamine® technology is a path-breaking & patented innovation, which has enabled epoxy thermoset composites to become recyclable. Recyclamines® are novel amine-based curing agents that contain specifically engineered cleavage points at cross-linking sites, which convert thermosetting epoxies into thermoplastics under specific set of conditions, thus helping achieve recyclability of Thermosetting Composites. Valuable reinforcing components such as carbon fiber or glass fiber as well as plastic material in a thermoset composite can be recovered and reused, thus contributing towards a circular economy.

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  • Empowering Sustainable Future: Recyclamine® enables recycling of thermoset epoxy composites which are used in high-performance applications. These materials were hitherto non-recyclable. This helps become more sustainable, as both the end-of-life and manufacturing waste can be recycled and reused, diverting them away from landfilling or incineration.
  • Circular Economy & Closing the Loop: Enabling the Zero-Landfill Manufacturing as both reinforcement & matrix are recovered, reused and re-integrated. Recovered fibers are in near virgin form with nominally reduced mechanical strength. Recovered epoxy thermoplastic can be reused by compounding to make plastic components.
  • Cutting edge performance: Recyclamine® maintains or exceeds the process and performance characteristics of epoxy matrix used in composites. As a platform chemistry, we offer a wide spectrum of systems matching the requirements exactly – an array of flexibility, adhesion, weather-ability, toughness with systems from slow to fast, from high to low glass transition temperature, varying levels of strengths, etc.
  • Creating Value: Generating monetary value through reusing of recovered matrix & fiber materials as well as by avoiding landfilling & corresponding penalties.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for Infusion, Compression Molding, Layup, HPRTM and VARTM processes.

Wind blades are undergoing changes in design as well as growing longer. Difficulty managing the composite waste generated during manufacturing and at the end-of-life of wind blades is one of the biggest problem facing the wind industry currently. Strict strength requirement necessitates the use of epoxy system. But, epoxies being thermosets, make blades non-recyclable. Extending our streak of offering the leading-edge solutions for wind industry, our Recyclamine-based infusion systems solves this problem, as these systems not only make the blades recyclable but also recovers the fiber and epoxy in such a form that it can be reused. This closing of the loop enables circular economy and further improves customers’ sustainability performance.

This helps solve the difficult issue of disposal of the blades, making the wind turbines truly 100% recyclable, as well as creates value through the reuse of recovered materials.

Varied applications require a fast, inexpensive and high performance solution. Recyclamine gives the best-in-class matrix systems for composites in sports application while sustainably helping bring down costs as material recovery becomes possible. With market leaders in manufacturing and branding of equipment for snow sports, surfing and other outdoor sports, we are working collaboratively to build recyclable composite products. Finished products are recyclable, providing an end-of-life solution for these industries. Our implementation of Recyclamine in making surf-boards in collaboration with a customer won the JEC Innovation Award in 2020.

There is an industry wide shift towards high performance, energy efficient, safe and sturdy vehicles. Composites are a natural solution. In a tough regulatory landscape, with an end customer who is getting progressively more environment conscious, Recyclamine gives the opportunity to address multiple concerns.

  • Thermoset composite structural elements like the doors, chassis, panels can have improved end of life characteristics
  • Extracted carbon fibre can be converted back into virgin materials for manufacturing
  • Repurposed recovered thermoplastic into new products