Poly Aluminium Chloride Manufacturer for Water Treatment
Poly Aluminium Chloride Uses


  • Some of the common poly aluminium chloride uses are the removal of anionic colloidal impurities and settling of suspended materials during clarification of drinking water, sewage and industrial effluents. It is also used for removal of residual colour, TOC and to meet the discharge norms.
  • Products: Liquid & Powder AC 100S (Medium Basicity), Liquid & Powder ARYAPAC (High Basicity), Liquid & Powder SAB 18, Aquacura IWT, SAB 18/5, Lignoclean, BCC-2810A.
Poly Aluminium Chloride for Disinfection


  • These antimicrobial formulations that are used to destroy microorganisms in potable water, effluent and other surfaces. It kills moulds, germs and bacteria by reacting with microbial cells to irreversibly denature and destroy many pathogens.
  • Products: Stable Bleaching Powder - 34% Active Chlorine Content
Poly Aluminium Chloride for Hygiene & Clarification

Hygiene & Clarification

  • Swimming pool water generally contains many tiny particles in the form of impurities. These particles will typically have the same negative chemical charge, thus they repel each other and do not settle down easily. Our customized formulation boosts the removal of these impurities by bringing it out in the form of floc much faster compared to conventional techniques. It can later be trapped in a filter.
  • Products: VYTALPOOL-18 (Safe and sludge free clarifier suitable for all pool types)
Vikram Bleaching Powder for Bio Security


  • Pond or seawater where shrimps and prawns are grown require monitoring and control of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) concentration. Disinfection is a proven way to provide security to the harvest and thus improve the quality & life of shrimp. It also offers the dual advantage of deodorizing the yield.
  • Products: Vikram Bleaching Powder
Poly Aluminium Chloride Suited for Water Treatment Applications

Recycle & Reuse, For Etp / Stp

  • Our premium range of coagulants offer superior performance and come with extended shelf life, which is best suited for industrial & water treatment applications. With poly aluminium chloride having varied uses in water treatment, it offers stability over a longer period and excellent clarity of treated water. It warrants for lower dosages causing less chemical consumption & negligible change in pH of water.
  • Products: Poly Aluminium Chloride