Kalyan Ram Madabhushi

CEO - Global Chemicals & Group Business Head -

Fertilisers and Insulators, Aditya Birla Group

We have each other, we are in it together and I am confident we will come out significantly stronger.

While we have to be highly conscious of the current situation and take all precautions to stay safe and healthy, let’s look at this as a time to spend with family, relive old memories, revive past hobbies, keep fit, visualize the “new normal” and upgrade our skills that would be relevant for tomorrow. And of course, be disciplined, be positive, be mentally prepared for some more surprises and challenges and continuously practice resilience.

Our Health, Hygiene & Essential Products

We have a diversified portfolio. Majority of our products are key to water treatment, disinfection, cleaning and sanitization. Moreover, they are also essential inputs for food, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and allied sectors required regularly for basic living. These essential products typically range from chlorine & chlorine derivatives to phosphates, peroxides, sulphites and agro-inputs. Key areas where we serve to maintain health, hygiene and safety are across Water Treatment, Disinfectant and Sanitization, Aquaculture and Cleaning Products on one hand and Food, Pharmaceuticals and Agriculture inputs on the other hand.

Our brands Vytal, Rensa, Lion, Shaktiman, Vikram, Durox® have active ingredients like chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, stable bleaching powder, salts of aluminium with chlorine and hydrogen peroxide that are known to be amongst the best as their properties of disinfection and sanitization is deemed as effective for preventing spread of Covid-19. These are best suited in times of health and safety crisis to mankind and need for a higher level of disinfection and hygiene across water treatment, surface disinfection, sanitization and inputs to cleaning products. Yet another essential segment that we serve are food and pharmaceuticals where our products help in adding (brand Vintage) and retaining nutritional value through our brands – Pearl®, Gusto®, Corino® and Delice® and safe packaging of food and drinks through Tetramate, Combimate, Birox, Multi-5, Multi-100, Clarity, Birlasulf and critical inputs for medicines and antiseptics. A third category when our products go for agriculture through our brands Birla Shaktiman, Oorja and Vardan and aqua-culture products from Aqua Armor.


Our Acts of Resilience in Unprecedented Times

a) Strict Protocols for in House Safety

We have developed a robust operating practice as guidelines for high safety, health & hygiene standards at home and work and as precautions and actions in unprecedented situations. There is utmost care towards the health and safety of our employees, contract staff, visitors, suppliers and customers. At each of our manufacturing locations and residential colonies, globally, disinfection and sanitizing along with compliance to all norms is communicated and followed. Work from home is being practiced, wherever possible and there is zero compromise towards health and hygiene standards.


b) Service to the Nearby Community

We are committed to making the community safer and healthier. We have actively worked along with the local Government authorities, our Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives and Rural Development and other Aditya Birla Group entities to service the community in the vicinity of our manufacturing locations during these unprecedented times. Our employees in each of the locations have also volunteered towards the cause. In India, we have served communities across 13 sites in 9 states of the country – Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal between Grasim Industries Limited and Tanfac Industries Limited. In Thailand, we served across communities in the vicinity of our manufacturing plants – Rayong, Saraburi and Samutprakarn. Our services have been rendered across 5 key pillars of community activities in this global pandemic from disinfection and sanitization across villages over 13 sites in 9 states in India and in Thailand, distribution of over 1lac face masks and PPE kits, providing food and grocery to the needy, equipping medical facilities wherever possible to conducting extensive awareness about Covid-19 and the prevention of spread of disease.


c) Products and Services at a National Footprint

As we are in the business of disinfection, sanitization, food, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, aquaculture and other essential industries, during the entire tenure of the ensuing global pandemic, we have continued to serve the nations at large specifically across India and Thailand. In India, during over 2 months of national lockdown, we have abided by all Government mandates, ensured utmost health and safety of our employees and workmen and yet made relentless efforts to reach essential products to customers across national footprint. We have been one of the highest suppliers of sodium hypochlorite required for disinfection and sanitization of public places, roads and office/residential areas. We have also continued our supply of all water treatment products for Municipal Corporations, OEMs etc. for drinking water, clarification and disinfection, hygiene applications during these trying times. These products are important as they are deemed effective for prevention of spread of Covid-19. Our Thailand operations continued with great precaution and in accordance to the Government norms to reach essential products to masses.

In India, our Chlor-Alkali Division is associated with municipalities across 20+ states and union territories in India catering to 1200 cities/towns and 1.2 lakh villages for disinfection solutions, primarily in water treatment. 35% of India’s hygiene & sanitation needs are fulfilled using our disinfection product range. Our water clarification solution treats 20+ billion cubic meters of water every year across 23 states and union territories in India catering to ~40 major cities (including key metros) and serving 118 Municipal Corporations in India. And during these times, we have continued our efforts to reach pure drinking water and disinfection solution to the Indian masses. In Thailand, over and above the regular products and services through chlorine chemistry and key product portfolio with active ingredients such as phosphates (food industry) and sulphites and peroxides (disinfection and sanitization), we launched an unique product to serve the masses. This is Durox LR3® and Durox LR3 Eco®, an unique surface sanitizer with the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide, known to be effective against Covid-19.