Viscose Filament Yarn

Raysil, the viscose filament yarn (VFY) is amongst the most versatile textile raw material. It is high on softness and comfort (close to cotton) and has excellent lustre, colour brilliance (akin to silk), thus imparting drape and fluidity to fabrics it makes.

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Viscose Filament Yarn

Viscose Filament Yarn

As one of the leading suppliers to rayon fabric manufacturers in the world, we ensure variety. So, our viscose filament yarn comes in a wide array of colours (more than 600 shades), including natural whites. It ranges from the purest tints through medium tones to vibrant deep shades in fine to coarse deniers, ranging from 22 to 1200.

We, as one of the renowned viscose filament yarn manufacturers, are the only company to be equipped with all three manufacturing technologies for VFY, i.e. Pot Spun Yarn (PSY), Continuous Spun Yarn (CSY) and Spool Spun Yarn (SSY).

  • Pot Spun Yarn (PSY), 30 Denier to 600 Denier: Zero Shrinkage, Wider Applications
  • Continuous Spun Yarn (CSY), 20 Denier to 300 Denier: Higher Shrinkage, Higher Tenacity
  • Spool Spun Yarn (SSY), 20 Denier to 120 Denier: Zero Shrinkage, Better Uniformity, Higher Tenacity

We believe in being among those who offer diversity to our rayon fabric suppliers, so we also offer:

  • Air-textured yarns
  • High modulus yarns
  • Loop yarns
  • Engineered yarns
  • Dull yarns
  • Flat yarns
  • Special yarns
  • Rayon Tyre Yarn

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