Our People

Our Biggest Asset are our people
Our culture fosters excellence and individual initiative, by giving people space to experiment and innovate.

Dr. Santrupt Misra.

CEO, Birla Carbon Business; Director, Chemicals & Director, Group H.R., Aditya Birla Management Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

We believe in nurturing our biggest asset - our people. Anchored by over 10000+ people across 5 nationalities, the Aditya Birla Chemicals is one of the most diversified businesses within the Aditya Birla Group. Our people is what makes us.

At Aditya Birla Chemicals, we believe in becoming the first choice of our people, provide a platform to unleash their potential, celebrate our people and cultivate people to be winners

Our People Vision

  • The First Choice

    People stay with us because they want to stay not because they have to stay

  • Unleashing Potential

    We take risks and offer exciting growth prospects

  • Celebrating Talent

    We reward and recognize talent as per their performance

  • Creating Winners

    We make our talent highly employable

Enablers to achieve Our People Vision

  • Building One CFI Culture

  • Nurturing Talent

  • Developing Performance Culture

  • Building Leadership Pipeline

  • Enabling career growth by building competencies

Key initiatives

Building One CFI Culture
  • OE Initiatives to build effective Workplace Culture
  • Multi level reward & recognition programs & communication forums to appreciate and promote exceptional achievements & efforts put by employees
  • Structured process of building the One CFI culture through driving the key cultural pegs of development, values, performance and innovation.
Nurturing Talent
  • Seamless implementation of the structured talent management processes for identifying and grooming high potential employees
  • Defined mechanism to develop the solid citizens (moderate potential but strong performance employees)
  • Focused programs for talent pool to groom them for next level roles with mentoring/coaching by senior leaders
Developing Performance Culture
  • Performance focused reward schemes
  • Goal Library / Standard Goals (Stretched)
  • Managing non-performers
  • Productivity (Blue collar and white collar)
Building Leadership Pipeline
  • Talent and leadership pipeline focused rewards schemes
  • Leadership pipeline development through long duration programs like HERALD, Sauda-Khud-Se, ELDP, President Series
  • Continuous education opportunities provided to high potential young talent
  • Cadre building through specific external hires (BMLP and DET programs)
Enabling career growth by building competencies
  • Competency linked training programs to enhance managerial capability across levels
  • Business need driven capability programs to develop skills needed for achievement of business goals and objectives
  • Community Capability Building focused initiatives
  • Technical skill enhancement through Technical Academy, skill mapping of technical positions & design of Learning Architecture