Our Community Initiatives in Covid-19 Times

We are committed to making the community safer and healthier. We have actively worked along with the local Government authorities, our Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives and Rural Development and other Aditya Birla Group entities to service the community in the vicinity of our manufacturing locations during these unprecedented times. Our employees in each of the locations have also volunteered towards the cause. In India, we have served communities across 13 sites in 9 states of the country – Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal between Grasim Industries Limited and Tanfac Industries Limited. In Thailand, we served across communities in the vicinity of our manufacturing plants – Rayong, Saraburi and Samutprakarn. Our services have been rendered across 5 key pillars of community activities in this global pandemic from disinfection and sanitization across villages over 13 sites in 9 states in India and in Thailand, distribution of over 1lac face masks and PPE kits, providing food and grocery to the needy, equipping medical facilities wherever possible for conducting extensive awareness about Covid-19 and the prevention of spread of disease.

Disinfection and Sanitization

We distributed ~1500kg Rensa HSB and conducted weekly sanitization across 13 nearby villages at BB Puram (AP). We also distributed ~10500+ litres of Sodium Hypochlorite for municipalities around Veraval (Gujarat) and Nadga (MP) and supported in sanitization of villages near Renukoot (UP). A contribution of over 80+ MT of stable bleaching powder and 6+MT of sodium hypochlorite to districts across Jharkhand and Odisha from Rehla was done and disinfection of nearby vicinity at Ganjam (Odisha), Halol (Gujarat) and Rishra performed. Additionally, 6 villages have been disinfected in and around Jagdishpur (UP), benefiting ~30,000 people.

In Thailand, we launched DUROX® LR3 – an effective surface sanitizer deemed to be effective against spread of Covid-19 and distributed this to our employees, nearby community and also to Government offices and social security offices. We also distributed Sodium Hypochlorite to Community and Government in nearby provinces for disinfection.

Essential Kit Distribution

In India, over 1lac face masks have been distributed, mostly made by women trained in tailoring through our regular CSR initiatives and distributed among police officials, medical practitioners, drivers and local communities. We have also distributed essential kits among 125 freelance journalists in Andhra Pradesh and provided masks / PPE kits at Nagda, Renukoot, Rehla and government offices at Godhra. We distributed sanitizers at Veraval & Karwar and provided Drinking RO water supply to villages near Renukoot.

In Thailand, provided support to the community for sanitizing activities in Village Moo.5, Tandiew by donating cotton masks and sharing resources like googles, face shield and chemical suits for protection of staff responsible for disinfecting. Automation Sanitizing Washing Machine were also installed at different Government offices. We have donated fabric masks to IEAT and distributed Infrared Thermometers to communities.

Providing Food & Grocery to the Needy

In India, grocery and dry ration were given to families who needed them across Karwar, Renukoot, Rehla and Ganjam & Rishra and to fishermen & villagers in Veraval. Dry ration kits were distributed at Vilayat & water bottles at Karwar to migrant laborers, 1000kg rice & 125kg pulses at Halol for 500 beneficiaries and food packets to 1400 people in nearby locality and villages around Ulhasnagar (Maharashtra). We also provided 5MT of rice in Kudikadu and Karikadu panchayats in Tamil Nadu. Distribution of cattle fodder to villages near Rehla was also undertaken.

In Thailand, we designed an unique initiative. We provided lunch for free to employees and appealed to each employee to donate the money that they are saving during lunch to feed the needy people.

Equipping medical facility adequately

In India, the Aditya Birla Hospital, Veraval, Gujarat has been equipped for Covid-19 patient treatment and an Isolation Centre Development done at Ganjam, Odisha. We also provided Ventilator Monitors at Halol, Gujarat to referral hospital.

In Thailand, we supported the Saraburi Hospital by donating money to provide medical personnel with equipment for Covid-19 precautions and treatment. We also donated 195 pieces of N95 masks for medical staff at Chulalongkorn Hospital and organized blood donation camps with utmost care for helping hospitals and blood banks in times of this global health crisis.

Awareness Campaign

In India, regular awareness campaign have been conducted about facts on Covid-19 and safety measures in nearby communities at every unit across 13 sites in 9 states of the country, beyond the employees, contract workers and other stakeholders directly associated with business. At our agri-business alone, over 30 awareness campaigns have been conducted for farmers in villages.

In Thailand, detailed awareness campaigns on prevention of spread of Covid-19 in local languages have been undertaken.

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