Introduction to Our Chlor-Alkali Range

Being a leading chemicals supplier all around the globe, we, at Aditya Birla Chemicals, span a wide range of industries through our products and offerings. We provide a variety of chemicals that are of immense value in various industries, like composites, fashion, coating & construction, food, industrial, and water sectors.

We are heavily invested in the Chlor-alkali industry. Under our business of chemicals, we make a wide range of Chlor alkali products, including caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, chlorine gas, and hydrogen gas. With a total caustic soda capacity of 1,147 KTPA, we have 8 manufacturing facilities all over India.

Some of the performance solutions offered by our domestic chlor-alkali business are Aqua Armor, Twist, Altura, Procura, and Vikram Pac. We believe in ensuring credibility, and so, all our R&D lab facilities are recognized by the DSIR, i.e. The Department of Scientific & Industrial Research.

With an incredible demand in multiple industries, our range of Chlorine derivatives and performance chemicals cater to a variety of speciality applications. In the next blog segment, we will delve into the applications of our Chlor-Alkali products, in detail across four prominent realms, namely water, food, plastics, and industrial. Stay Tuned!