Woods to Wardrobe by Raysil

The Viscose Filament Yarn (VFY) business of Grasim Industries Limited, is the leading manufacturer of viscose filament yarn (VFY) in India and the third largest globally. The business has a rich heritage of over 60 years and operates through two manufacturing units located in Veraval, Gujarat and at Shahad, Maharashtra. It is also India’s largest VFY exporter catering products to nearly 45 countries.


Raysil is Grasim’s Viscose Filament Yarn (VFY) brand. Raysil is a complete range of cellulosic, 100% natural and biodegradable filament yarns. Raysil is of 100% natural origin produced from the best quality wood pulp that makes the fabrics weaved from Raysil yarns, extremely skin-friendly and comfortable.

Responsible sourcing and the concept of green fashion are an integral part of the core values of the business. The business ensures that the sourcing decisions and standards are environmentally and ecologically responsible. As a testament to its commitment on sustainability, both the manufacturing units constantly work towards and are awarded international certifications.

The manufacturing story of Raysil is one of sustainability. Right from raw material to your garment, Raysil follows a path of woods to wardrobe.


Raysil is 100% natural origin produced from Soft wood & Hardwood of sustainable & traceable forestry

  • PULP

Wood is made into pulp by our supplier; DOMSJO, SODRA, GP CELLULOSE, CENTURY PULP, and RAYONIER

  • YARN

Raysil, the fashion yarns are manufactured in a 48,000 tons/annum manufacturing facilities having all technologies for producing VFY & confirming to environment, safety, occupational health & social accountability standards


Raysil creates 100% natural and evergreen fashion fabrics; the best of Georgettes, Crepes, Chiffon, Upada Silk and many more blended fabrics


The fabrics weaved from Raysil yarns are transformed into garments that are unmatched in elegance owing to rich lustre, colour depth, excellent drape & comfort. Raysil fabrics are weaved into apparel as well as home textiles

The VFY business continues to set high standards of sustainability and EHS compliance and aspires to be a pioneer in the industry. From woods to your wardrobe, Raysil is proud to be giving you elegance by nature.