Sodium Hypochlorite (10 – 12%) Solution - DO and DO NOT

Here are the dos and don'ts of using Sodium Hypochlorite Solution:

DO NOT expose the product to direct sunlight or heat.

DO NOT expose your body parts to the chemical.

DO NOT store products such as paint, antifreeze, detergent, oil, grease, fuel, solvent, and beverages in the same area as sodium hypochlorite.

DO NOT dispose of it in an open area. Contact the company for specific guidelines for disposal or waste management groups.

DO store in secure, well-ventilated areas free of moisture, excessive heat, ignition sources and flammable/ combustible materials.

DO obtain medical assistance or visit a doctor in case of any personal injury while handling the chemical.

DO use the chemical under expert technical guidance.

DO see your Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) if you encounter any issues while handling, storing, or using the chemical.