Aditya Birla Chemicals manufactures organic as well as inorganic peroxides. With a capacity of over 19,000 tpa, the Thai peroxide plant, established in 1989, is situated in Saraburi province of Thailand. Peroxide products for aquaculture and environmental applications are advertised under the brands, i.e. Ecare and Encare. It also offers exclusive grades of peroxide products, to cater to our customers' varied needs.

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Product Brands

Hydrogen Peroxide
Peracetic Acid

Hydrogen Peroxide

Known as the most common inorganic peroxide, hydrogen peroxide is manufactured by Thai Peroxide, in two different concentrations, i.e. 35% and 50%. Its oxidizing properties make it a widely used product in disinfection applications, bleach formulations, cleaning semiconductors. In addition, it is also used in the making of paper pulp, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, purification of water, and copper etching of printed circuit boards.

The following are the grades of hydrogen peroxide available at Aditya Birla Chemicals:

  • Standard grade - 50%
  • Standard LT grade - 50%
  • AP grade - 35%
  • Herlisil 846
  • APTF grade - 35%
  • Herlisil - B
  • APF grade - 35%
  • Herlisil Clean Spray
  • MAXSTAB grade - 50%
  • Electronic grade peroxide

Peracetic Acid

Manufactured by Thai Peroxide and broadly used in food applications, peracetic acid is an environmentally safe and versatile antioxidant and antimicrobial agent. It is effective against microorganisms and unaffected by the enzymes that break down hydrogen peroxide, i.e. catalase and peroxidase. It emanates oxygen at lower temperatures, as compared to other bleaching agents.

Thai Peroxide produces several grades of peroxide products:

  • Birlox 1
  • Birlox 12
  • Birlox 5
  • Birlox 15