Chlorine Derivatives

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Product Brands

Chlorinated Paraffins (CP)

As a trusted chemicals supplier, we offer chlorinated paraffin under the brand names of Aryafin and Kanofin. CPs are complex mixtures of chlorinated n-alkanes containing thousands of homologues and isomers. They find use as flame retardants and plasticizers, as additives in metalworking fluids, in sealants, paints, adhesives, textiles, leather fat and coatings.

Aryafin CP belongs to a group of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons having straight chain lengths (Cn H 2n+2) with Carbon number from C10 onwards. Produced by the controlled chlorination of carefully selected paraffins of required chain lengths, we offer various grades having Chlorine content varying from 30% to 72%.

Polyaluminium Chloride

Polyaluminium chloride (PAC) provides faster flocculation and stronger flocs than alum across many applications. One of the common poly aluminium chloride uses is linked to water purification. PAC is manufactured in both liquid and powder form. The product is used in deodorants and antiperspirants, as a flocculant in water purification, in treatment of drinking/potable water, wastewater treatment and paper sizing. We offer this product basket under Vikram brand name as a coagulation and flocculation expert.

PAC is supplied in form of water solution or as powder, which facilitates the transport and storage operations and subsequent dosage of the reagent. We have developed the know-how and technologies for production plants of the following grades of PAC.

PAC 18%

Mid-basicity liquid PAC, containing 17.5 ± 0.5% Al2O3, specific for waste waters and neutral sizing in papermaking. It is used as a primary coagulant aid for any clarifying/ flocculation process relating to the treatment of surface or underground water and urban or industrial effluents. PAC 18 is based on highly charged aluminium which results in lower dosage and therefore reduces sludge volume and pH adjustment demand. It also improves solids and/or phosphorous removal over conventional coagulants.


High-basicity liquid PAC, containing 9 ± 0.5% Al2O3, specific for potable waters. PAC 9 is based on highly charged aluminium which results in lower dosage and therefore reduces sludge volume and pH adjustment demand. It also improves solids and/or phosphorous removal over conventional coagulants.

PAC 30%

Mid-basicity powder form, containing 30 ± 0.5% Al2O3

Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid (also known as orthophosphoric acid or phosphoric acid) is a mineral (inorganic) acid having the chemical formula H3PO4. Dilute aqueous solutions of phosphoric acid exist in the ortho form. As a leading phosphoric acid manufacturer, we believe in the value of our product, since it finds varied applications in pretreatment chemicals for metal surfaces, detergents and cleaners, sugar refining, phosphates, edible oils, colas, bakery, cheese, pharmaceuticals, yeast formation, etc.

Phosphoric is used in the making of perfumes in the home and personal care industry. Food grade phosphoric acid is used as an acidulant and flavouring agent in the carbonated beverage industry, as an emulsifier into fats and oils, as a degumming agent for vegetable oils and sugar and as an acidulant for baking powder and emulsifying salts for cheese. In addition to being a chemical reagent, phosphoric acid has a wide variety of uses, including as a rust converter, food additive, dental and orthopaedic etchant, electrolyte, soldering flux, dispersing agent, industrial etchant, fertilizer feedstock, and a component of home cleaning products.

Stable Bleaching Powder

Produced using hydrated lime and chlorine, our offering of the Grasim stable bleaching powder is used as a disinfectant in water treatment and also in the textiles, pulp and paper, and carpet industries. The critical aspect is the active chlorine content in the stable bleaching that finds usage across applications in the aquaculture industry as a disinfectant, in-home and personal care as a whitener, in the paper and pulp industry and textiles as a bleach and extensively in water purification. It is also used in swimming pools as a disinfectant and cleaning agent, apart from controlling algae.

Aluminum Chloride

Anhydrous aluminium chloride is a principal catalyst used in the Friedel-Crafts reaction, both acylations and alkylations. The product also finds application in the manufacture of Ibuprofen and other bulk drugs, ethyl benzene, isopropyl benzene, titanium dioxide, hydrocarbon resins, terpene resins and polybutenes. 

Various organic and inorganic chemicals including ethyl benzene, isopropyl benzene and titanium dioxide are made using aluminium chloride anhydrous. Aluminium chloride anhydrous is used to manufacture various drug intermediates. Through its use in the Friedel-Crafts reaction, aluminium chloride anhydrous helps in the manufacture of dyestuffs.


Epichlorohydrin (C3H5ClO) is a colourless liquid with a characteristic chloroform-like odour that is manufactured using chlorine, propylene and milk of lime as raw materials. Epichlorohydrin is used in the production of epoxy resins.

Aqua Armor

Aqua Armor is a one stop solution for water management in Aquaculture. The range of products & services focus on enhancing the biosecurity thereby ensuring sustainable growth produce – shrimps and fish. Key product range include:

  • Aqua Armor C - Crystal clear water clarifying chemical used in aquaculture
  • Aqua Armor Cal+ - Superior grade calcium mineral supplement to maintain mineral balance and water salinity in pond water
  • Aqua Armor D+ - Biosecurity - disinfection of pond water before stocking of Post larvae
  • Aqua Armor HSD Prime - Powerful disinfectant which used in hatcheries and nursery for removal of microorganisms in water
  • Aqua Armor HBC Supra - High performance clarifying agent

Rensa HS

Rensa is an effective disinfectant for potable water, sewage water, wastewater, cooling water and many other water application segments. It is free-flowing white granules with 65-70 % available chlorine. Due to the high concentration of available chlorine, a relatively small amount of product can effectively disinfect the water. May help to reduce suspended solids in water.

Twist SW-M2

This polykloro-alkane organic compound is a Flame Retardant Plasticizer. It has negative bipolarity and inert characteristics, is resistant to water and has miscibility with any type of solvents. It is compatible with Vinyl Polymer. This has variable usage in different cable compound grades & mixes.


Vytal is the latest series of water treatment solutions. Vytal’s broad range of products and technical services focus on enhancing the water quality and efficiency of water treatment. The broad range ensures that we can meet almost any diverse and challenging process requirements across Coagulation, Process Treatment, Disinfection, Industrial Treatment and Recycle and Reuse for ETP/STP. Key products include:

  • Vytal 612 – High performance process chemical
  • Vytal 613 – High performance clarification aid
  • Vytal 641 – High performance de-coloring agent
  • Vytal 2803 – High performance cationic coagulant
  • Vytal 2810 – High performance coagulant
  • Vytal A971 – High performance anionic Flocculant
  • Vytal SD+ - High performance flocculant for sludge de-watering
  • Vytal HBC Supra – High performance, ultra-pure, cationic coagulant