Health and Safety

The Key To Health and Safety is in our Safe hands!

SAFETY FIRST is our motto

“Chemistry for a Greener World” starts with our commitment to EHS & Sustainability towards Goal Zero - Zero Harm. We are gradually moving towards Zero fatalities & Zero LTI business and therefore health and safety remains our main focus from leadership to shop floor, businesses and functions and across supply chain and logistics providers.

GOAL ZERO is our destination.

As it is always said, Health and Safety never takes a holiday. In all our plants and offices, extending to our customers and suppliers, health and safety is our top most priority. We are committed to create a culture of ‘safety minds’ where there is zero compromise towards safety.

Safety is not automatic; it is as state of mind – accidents are results of absence of mind. We encourage people to think about it and also stress on making teams safety conscious. Near misses are also not ignored. They are reported immediately. We highlight the need of thinking safety before thinking work, come safely, work safely and arrive home safely and use the right tool for the right job in the right way.

A large number of initiatives have been taken up across our businesses by our teams that include having safety policies, training customers and suppliers on safety, top priority discussion for the leadership team and development of an app SURAKSHA. This is available on Google play store for having all details on safety and material handling and intimation of any incidence of safety compromise that any one wants to report.

In a nutshell to say, WE CARE.

For any further details, please write into our Aditya Birla Chemicals Suraksha Team at

Our Health & Safety Documents


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The key to Health and Safety is in our own hands