Greener World

The logic of business existence and expectations from entrepreneurs and companies have evolved over the last two decades significantly. In the past, creating shareholder value was mostly about generating profits. Now, a company is no longer applauded for its profits alone but rather rewarded or penalised for how responsibly it has earned those profits.

In light of that, the businesses of Aditya Birla Chemicals have taken strides to be more responsible and sustainable than many in the field. We hold ourselves to larger ethical, moral and societal values and we benchmark ourselves to best-in-class companies globally that combined financial success with societal contribution.

While the products we produce and the industry we belong to, are intricate part of our lives (pharmaceuticals, hygiene & sanitation, agriculture, power insulation, textiles, paper & pulp, construction, composites, wind energy, paints & coatings, etc.), it also come with the need  for significant water and power consumption to produce such product offerings. We are extremely conscious of how we make a difference to the society but equally appreciate the need to reduce our water and power consumption. We also believe that innovation and R&D will bring newer solutions to enable a greener world and hence expect to invest heavily into technology and R&D.

Firmly rooted in the purpose of our business “Chemistry for a Greener World”, our aspiration is to become water neutral and subsequently positive through water harvesting methods, zero liquid discharge technologies, etc. and cut down carbon emissions significantly by increasing our dependence on renewable energy. We want to ensure any hazardous or non-hazardous waste created in our processes is safely and sustainably handled, without impacting anyone in the society.