Our Health, Hygiene & Essential Products

As one of the eminent chemical manufacturing companies worldwide, we have a diversified portfolio. The majority of our products have varied uses in water treatment, disinfection, cleaning and sanitization. Moreover, there are also essential inputs to food, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and allied sectors required regularly for basic living. These essential products typically range from chlorine & chlorine derivatives to phosphates, peroxides, sulphites and agro-inputs. Key areas where we serve to maintain health, hygiene and safety are Water Treatment, Disinfectants and Sanitization, Aquaculture and Cleaning Products on one hand and Food, Pharmaceuticals and Agriculture inputs on the other hand.

Disinfection and Sanitization

Water Treatment

As one of the leading water treatment chemicals suppliers in India, our products, namely Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite, Stable Bleaching Powder for disinfection, salts of Aluminium with chlorine, are known to be amongst the best for water disinfection, best suited in times of health and safety crisis to mankind. Our key brands, LION, SHAKTIMAN and RENSA are effective in killing disease-causing pathogens such as bacteria, virus and protozoans. VIKRAM, with poly aluminium chloride with uses in water treatment, acts as a coagulant in water purification. VYTAL is a complete water treatment solution, best suited and safe for drinking water. BIRLASULF (salt of sodium) acts as an antichlor in water treatment.

Surface Disinfectant and Sanitization

Chlorine, Grasim Bleaching Powder, Sodium Hypochlorite and Poly Aluminium Chloride, due to their properties of disinfection and sanitization, are also being considered for preventing the spread of COVID-19. They can be used across surface cleaning, sanitizing or cleaning of artificial water bodies. Our brand RENSA can disinfect swimming pools. LION, SHAKTIMAN, VIKRAM, VYTAL with products containing microbicidal properties are used for effective killing of pathogens on most surfaces. DUROX®, a surface sanitiser, with Hydrogen Peroxide as an active ingredient is deemed effective against the spread of Covid-19. TETRAMATE and COMBIMATE, with peracetic acid, is used as a sanitiser in the food packaging industry while BIROX, MULTI-5, MULTI-100 and CLARITY act as a versatile antioxidant and antimicrobial agent across food, medical and pharmaceutical industries.


AQUA ARMOR® helps in disinfecting water in reservoirs and growth ponds in shrimp farming and also has a product with a calcium mineral supplement needed during shrimp farming. As one of the eminent hydrogen peroxide suppliers worldwide, we want you to know that the products with hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient are added to the growth pond and those with the sulfite ingredient are used during harvesting (sometimes as antichlor). Shrimp processing is dependent on PEARL® as a moisture retention agent to preserve colour, texture, flavour and nutrients.

Cleaning Products

Caustic Soda is a critical ingredient in making soaps, detergents, etc. Sodium Hypochlorite is used for making sprays and cleansers for germs and Phosphoric Acid is used as a water softener in case of laundry washes.

Food And Pharmaceuticals


Processed Food, fit to be consumed, requires chemical constituents that add to and retain food value. We have a range of products for the food industry with calcium phosphate for bakery and health food supplements, phosphoric acid-based products for edible oil refining and sugar or jaggery manufacturing, hydrogen for edible oils, hydrogen chloride in food additives, sugar and brewery industries and products having chlorine to control bacteria and odour in the food industry. OXYFRESH and OXYWHITE, with hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient, are used as starch for the food industry and sugar whitener. Brands to retain food value include CORINO® (cheese manufacturing), GUSTO® (meat processing), PEARL® (seafood processing) and DELICE® (bakery products), mainly functional food phosphate-based. VINTAGE (salts of sodium and potassium) acts as an oxidant, an enzyme inhibitor, and antimicrobial agent and is also used in the wine and beer industry. Use of BIRLASULF, BIRLA SOL and DUROX® is widespread in the food industry. TETRAMATE and COMBIMATE, our brands with hydrogen peroxide as a key ingredient and BIROX, MULTI-100 and CLARITY with peracetic acid as key are widely used during aseptic packaging of food, juice & dairy products, poultry & aquaculture processing alongside food contact surfaces and equipment sanitization.


Our products with chlorine derivatives & caustic soda are used in pharmaceutical products & antiseptics. The products with hydrochloric acid are used for controlling the pH of pharmaceutical products, salts of aluminium & chlorine are used as a catalyst and our product range of sulphites are used for vitamins and pharmaceutical intermediates. DUROX® and MULTI-5 with hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid as active ingredients respectively are used for sanitization in the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, medical facilities and also in the sanitization of medical equipment (e.g. dialysis machines, ICU etc.).


We enrich Agriculture through our brands BIRLA SHAKTIMAN OORJA and VARDAN. Our soil protection products (e.g. neem-coated Urea, customized and organic fertilisers), and plant health and crop protection products all aid to enhance productivity across a diverse range of crops.