Birla Shaktiman Fertilizer

‘Birla Shaktiman’ is a trustworthy brand for farmers that has performed up to their expectations through its strong focus on quality and high farmer engagement, thus successfully impacting the lives of more than 6 million farmers till date. We sell our quality products & provide value added services to the farmers under the ‘Birla Shaktiman’ brand which enjoys a leadership position among the agricultural community across the Indo-Gangetic plain.

We have a strong engagement with our Channel Partners including Wholesalers & Retailers who vouch for the quality of our products & services and continue to have a mutually rewarding association with us since several years.

Our brand enjoys a very high Top of Mind (TOM) and strong recall, being a preferred choice of the customers for the last three decades. The Agri extension and support services have been the backbone for building this brand and by educating farmers has brought prosperity to them. This has also helped improve their crop yields through innovative solutions besides contributing for the nation’s food security mission.

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  • The Birla Shaktiman brand emerged in 1987 coinciding with the start of Indo Gulf Fertilizer’s operations with seeding of Urea
  • It identified the Grandfather-Grandson duo as it’s mascot and soon the logo for Birla Shaktiman Urea was born
  • Through Intensive Farmer Contact programmes (IFCP), various farmer training camps and the opening of Birla Shaktiman Krishi Seva Kendras (SKSK) it started raising awareness about its product and its benefits in the target markets of Indo-Gangetic Plain
  • Introduced the Iconic yellow Urea Gold bag which even till date distinctly identifies the product in the market and differentiates it from competition
  • Became the first brand in the country to introduce Neem coated Urea in 2004. Actively advocated its benefits to the Government of India which ensured that from May 2015 onwards 100% of Urea manufactured in the country mandatorily became Neem Coated
  • In 2007 it transformed itself from a single product company to ‘Total Agri Solutions Provider’ providing complete range of Fertilizers, Seeds, Plant Crop protection & other value added products
  • Launched first customized fertilizer under ‘Birla Shaktiman Vardan’ brand name which is made Crop & location specific providing the right quantity of plant & soil nutrients and micro nuturients for different crops like Potato, Sugarcane, Paddy, Wheat etc. thereby further improving crop quality, yield & farm productivity
  • Pioneered Six Sigma Crop demonstration approach to highlight benefits of various products to farmers in a scientific & effective manner thereby leading to better acceptance among customers
  • In order to build a strong focus on Customer centricity by actively listening to customers and resolving their queries & complaints, the brand partnered with a Knowledge Management Call Centre named Akshmala. This initiative effectively addresses farmers’ queries, helps in effective product & problem management while ensuring the Sales Force effectiveness. The mapped data is analysed through a dashboard to arrive at effective decisions.