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Dipotassium phosphate (food grade)

Dipotassium phosphate is used as a buffering agent and as an emulsifier in the production of coffee creamer.

The product is manufactured by the phosphates division of Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand).

Product specifications:
Formula K2HPO4
Synonyms DKP
Potassium phosphate dibasic
Dipotassium monophosphate
Grade Food
Specifications pH (1% solution): 8.7-9.4
Water insolubles: 0.05%
P2O5: 40.3-41.5%
Iron as Fe: 20.0 ppm
Arsenic as As ppm: 3.0
Heavy Metal as Pb ppm: 10.0
Cadmium as Cd ppm: 1.0
Fluoride as F ppm: 10.0
Lead as Pb ppm: 3.0
Mercury as Hg ppm: 1.0
Properties Appearance: Fine white powder
CAS number: 7758-11-4
Molecular weight: 174.18
Applications Dipotassium phosphate is used as a buffering agent, sequestrant and emulsifier in dairy products. It is used in coffee creamer, cheese, evaporated milk and meat processing.
  • 25 kg polypropylene bag with PE liner
  • 25 kg paper bag with PE liner
  • As per customer's request
Material Safety Data Sheet (download pdf 17 kb)
Halal certificate (download pdf 1014 kb)

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