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Blended phosphates (food grade)

Blended phosphates provide a synergistic effect in seafood, meat and cheese applications and improve the end products.

They are used in raw and cooked shrimp, meat sausages, salami, surimi, meatballs, fish fillets and chicken. They are also widely used in processed cheese.

The advantages of using phosphates in food processing are:

  • Enhanced retention of juices during freezing and storage
  • Denaturation of proteins is prevented
  • Colour of the product is stabilised
  • Formation of struvite crystalsis prevented
  • Minimised loss while cooking
  • Increased storage life of products

The product is manufactured by the phosphates division of Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) and is available in customised grades.


Blended phosphates are specially developed innovative products for use in various food industries.

Pearl is used in shrimp, fish and squid processing to provide higher pick-up yields and enhance these products' natural taste and appearance.

Gusto B is used in meatball processing to provide better flavour, texture and elasticity, as well as increased yields of end product.

Gusto M is used with meat, ham, sausages and bacon for better binding, firmer texture and a more appetising flavour.

MP Noodlephos improves the elasticity and flavour of instant noodles while reducing the turbidity of the water used in boiling them.

Gusto M35 is used in chicken and meat products to improve product yield through reduced dripping and cooking losses. It also helps retain the natural fluids in meat and chicken while improving their texture, flavour and colour.

Pearl P18 is used in surimi and minced fish products to enhance binding and gelation. It also improves their texture, flavour and colour.

  • 25kg polypropylene bag with PE liner
  • 25kg paper bag with PE liner
  • As per customer's request

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