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Epoxy resins
Aditya Birla Chemicals manufactures epoxy resins in liquid, solid, solutions, blends and multifunctional forms, and markets these under the Epotec brand. These high-quality epoxies find wide application in the automotive, construction, heavy engineering, transport, electronics, food and beverage packing, coatings, composites, adhesives, aviation, aerospace and wind energy industries.

Companies producing epoxy resins

Epoxy resin products

Curing agents
Curing agents enhance viscosity, reactivity and working time of resins
Cycloaliphatic resins
These resins are used in the formulation of weather-resistant solvent-based coatings for outdoor applications
Epoxy phenol novolac
These resins are used in the formulation of high temperature-resistant adhesives
Epoxy systems
Epoxy systems are used in heavy duty mortars, wider crack-filling systems, expansion joint-filling systems and adhesives
Liquid epoxy resins
Liquid epoxy resins are widely used in coatings and civil engineering applications
Reactive diluents
Reactive diluents are used to reduce the viscosity of base resins and improve their processing
Solid epoxy resins
Solid epoxy resins are suitable for general purpose powder coatings nd similar applications
Solvent-cut epoxy resins
Solvent-cut bisphenol-A based epoxy resins are supplied in solution form for ease of processing
Waterborne epoxy resins
Waterborne epoxy resins offer different functionalities for a variety of applications

Epoxy resins brand


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