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Fresh meat with high nutritional value has a limited shelf life, which can be extended by cold storage. However, purge loss, shelf life extension and protein binding are limited with the cold storage process. The use of phosphate blends improves the overall quality of meat to the desired level.

Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) has designed the gusto range of customised phosphates specifically for meat processing requirements for various applications. Gusto consists of an ideal blend of various phosphates that help in processing and improving the quality of meat including sausages, ham, bacon, marinated poultry and cooked meat. It also helps in moisture retention, emulsion stabilisation, colour preservation and provides the perfect colour and texture to the meat.

  • Improves water retention and protein
  • Reduces freezing, cooking and drip losses
  • Improves binding and slice integrity
  • Enhances texture, colour and appearance
  • Enhances palatability

Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) has an extensive application laboratory, which helps provide custom made solutions for meat processing requirements.

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