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Chlorine derivatives
Brands Applications
Aryafin PVC resins, paint industry, metal working industry, textile industry, automotive industry
Aquacura - IWT Effluent treatment in textiles, dyes, chemicals, breweries, pharmaceuticals, oil seed extraction, automobile and phosphatic fertilisers
Kanofin PVC compounds, coatings, adhesives, sealants, cables, metal working fluids, fat liquor and flame retardant applications
Kanpac Water treatment plants / equipment
Shaktiman Textile industry, paper industry, soap industry, silicate manufacturing, potable water treatment, aquaculture, sugar industry, hazardous effluent treatment, leather industry
Vikram Potable water treatment, textile industry, aquaculture, carpet industry, pulp and paper industry, hospitals, homes, health departments, hotels, offices, swimming pools, sewage disposals, sugar mills, sodium silicate industry, laundry
Vikram PAC Water treatment, paper industry
Epoxy resins
Brands Applications
Epotec - coatings and civil engineering applications Coatings, civil engineering materials
Epotec - composites composite materials, industrial tooling
Epotec - electrical and electronic applications Electrical and electronic materials
Epotec - wind energy applications Wind energy
Brands Applications
Combimate 35 Food industry, aseptic packaging
Multi-5 (for fruits) Fruits, vegetables
Multi-100 (for seafood) Seafoods - shrimp, fish and cephalopod
Multi-100 (for poultry) Poultry premises, trucks, hatcheries, live stock quarters, processing equipment surfaces
Oxywhite (decolouration agent for re-melt liquor) Remelt liquor discoloration, refined sugar process, raw sugar mill
Oxywhite (whitener for sugar industry) Sugar industry
Brands Applications
Corino Processed cheese
Delice Large and small scale commercial bakeries, industrial bakeries, specialty bread and batter
Gusto Cooked sausages/salami, marinated poultry products, fresh cut meat brine injection and formed ham application
Pearl Shrimp, fish, other seafood
Brand Applications
Vintage Wine and beer processing, food, pharmaceuticals, photography
Viscose filament yarn
Brand Applications
Raysil Textile industry
Enka Textile industry
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